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The Twelve Signatories

The Twelve Signatories of the UEG Initiative, in Order, as Submitted to the Lt. Governor.

1. Chase N. Peterson, M.D., former President, University of Utah, (Democ.)
2. Karl Snow, former Utah State Senate Majority Leader (Repub.)
3. Cassie Dippo, former head of Common Cause Utah (Unaffiliated)
4. Jordan Tanner, former member of Utah House of Rep., (Repub.)
5. Carole Peterson, former clerk for the Utah House of Rep. (Democ.)
6. Rob Ence, AARP Utah State Director (Unaffiliated)
7. Ned C. Hill, Professor of Finance, Brigham Young University (Repub.)
8. Holly Langton, Exec. Director, Utahns for Public Schools (Unaffiliated)
9. William P. Moore, health care consultant and past president of the Utah School Boards Association (Repub.)
10. Dee Rowland, Government Liaison, Utah Catholic Diocese, (Unaffiliated)
11. Dixie Huefner, retired professor of Special Education, Univ. of Utah (Democ.)
12. Kim Burningham, Member, Utah State Bd. of Educ, consultant for Franklin Covey (Repub.)

This list of 12 signatories was created in case the legislative leadership defaults on its responsibility to select a pool of 20 eligible citizens from which the 5 independent ethics commissioners would be drawn at random by legislators.

In case of legislative leadership default, the first 5 from the list above who are still residing in Utah and competent to perform the duties would instead select the pool of 20 eligible citizens. Legislators would then select 5 at random from the pool. All meetings to select the pool would be open to the public.